Randi Stafford

Director of Engagement

About Randi Stafford

Being creative is in Randi’s bones, and has been since she was young and aspired to teach art in elementary school. Now with 10 years of experience in activities and life enrichment in senior living and rehabilitation, Randi has the best of all worlds. “Now, not only do I get to put my creative passion to use and share it with others daily, but I also gain and learn so much from all those surrounding me,” she says.

For her, working with seniors gives her sense of home, reminding her of time spent with her grandparents. She also wanted to be part of a new and upcoming company and knew that Solera would be a great opportunity. The core value of creativity speaks loudest to her. “Keeping a community engaged takes a lot of creativity,” says Randi. “From coming up with new art project and games to planning events and group outings. Seeing the light in residents’ eyes when they connect with something is very gratifying. So is building relationships not only with residents, but their families and the entire Denver community.”

A native of Maryland, Randi loves Mexican food, and has a passion for the board game Rummikub, which a resident taught her years ago. She also loves spending time with her canine pal, Arlo, working on art projects, and cooking. And, she could watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show 10,000 times.

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