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In addition to offering the highest levels of care and service for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care, Modena Cherry Creek also strives to provide families with the resources needed to make the best decision for their loved ones. We are dedicated to keeping you and your family informed, and if you do not find the information needed on our Family Resources page, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team for assistance.

Take Advantage of Our Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit

    If you are a Veteran or surviving spouse, you may be eligible for the Veterans Aid & Attendance benefit. This benefit, offered by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), provides monthly payments added to the amount of the monthly VA pension for qualified Veterans or surviving spouses. Millions of veterans have earned this important benefit that can help them and their families pay for senior care — but many people don’t know about it.

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    Johnny and I wanted to write to thank you and the entire staff at Modena for making this transition bearable. I think I can say that just about every interaction we’ve had with you and your staff has been enjoyable and encouraging. You seem to have filled Modena with people who, very authentically, are excited about what they do and care a great deal for the residents. It’s been a tough couple weeks for Johnny and I, but knowing that Mary is in the best possible place, surrounded by people who are going to take great care of her, has been such a relief.

    The Hart’s

    The thought of moving during a pandemic initially scared us. We needn’t have worried because Modena Cherry Creek seamlessly did everything to help keep us safe when we arrived. Our apartment is spacious and lovely and so bright, with tall ceilings and expansive windows everywhere. It is truly a happy space. When it comes to safety, Modena Cherry Creek is always one step ahead of us. It’s not just about the big things that Modena Cherry Creek does. It’s the little things that also shine in the way that every single person we’ve met, no matter what his/her role in the community, takes a really personal and keen interest in us. Here at Modena Cherry Creek we are encouraged to have a voice. Our opinions matter. The most brilliant part of living here at Modena Cherry Creek? It’s the closest we have felt to living in our own home. By the way, get ready to be pampered. The best high end restaurant quality cuisine ever. We are eating well! At Modena Cherry Creek we are family.

    Dag A.

    Growing up in a multigenerational home, grandparents came to live with us when I was a teen, they stayed through end of life. Assisted Living was not considered an option. I had always understood that I would look after mom and she would stay at home with help. Always active, she went to water exercises 3 times a week and rode the recumbent bike at home daily. She followed a strict regimen of stretches that were prescribed by her PT. During Covid19 isolation she was no longer able to go to the pool. Fast forward 6 months, a week after her 97th birthday she fell fracturing 3 ribs. A quick trip to the ER and it was determined that she would need to convalesce in a skilled nursing facility. A couple of weeks into her residence there, she told me that she didn’t feel safe returning home. I had been looking for in home caregivers and although some were well qualified and very nice people, 24 hour care would be expensive. A friend and trusted advisor was aware of our situation. She had visited Modena. She told me about the state of the art facility and amenities offered. I checked out the website and scheduled a Zoom tour for our family. I was impressed with the extensive efforts taken to prevent the spread of an airborne virus throughout. The suites are generous size, and mom is surrounded by familiar possessions including her dogs! We all agree that Modena is the best option available. She loves her new home. I sleep through the night knowing she is in the safest place possible. Staff are competent, friendly, and gentle in their care for mom. She loves the meals, and in the next couple days her quarantine will come to an end. She is looking forward to socializing with new friends and neighbors. A quick and easy decision, and a new chapter of life begins. We are grateful.

Glossary of Terms

    Activities of Daily Living: The tasks people perform each day, such as dressing, bathing, grooming, dining, medication management.

    Assisted Living: Assisted Living offers individuals assistance with the activities of daily living—dressing, bathing, dining, and medication management. Services such as transportation, dining, housekeeping and more usually are included.

    Continuing Care/Continuum of Care: A variety of options for accommodating changing needs. A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offers residents the advantages of being able to “age in place”, moving into another area of the community when needs dictate.

    Dementia: Dementia can be a variety of diagnoses, the most common of which is Alzheimer’s. This disease begins slowly, but over time, symptoms worsen. While occasional memory problems are common for individuals over age 65, people with dementia cannot retrieve information and in most cases, lose the ability to remember.

    Long-term Care Insurance: Long-term care insurance is a type of insurance developed specifically to cover the cost of skilled nursing, assisted living, home health care and other long-term care services. These services are usually not covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare.

    Medicare: The federal health insurance program for people who are 65 and older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease. Medicare Parts A, B, C and D cover specific services and care. Modena Cherry Creek does not accept Medicare as it is a private-pay community.

    Medicaid: A program of medical assistance designed for those unable to afford regular medical service and financed by the state and federal governments. Modena Cherry Creek does not accept Medicaid as it is a private-pay community. However, if you would like more specific information, go to

    Memory Care: Memory care provides a specialized atmosphere for residents coping with memory loss, Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related disorders. Therapeutic activities and programs help maximize cognitive development, diminish anxiety, lessen confusion and increase peace of mind.

    Veterans Benefits: If you are a Veteran or the widow of a Veteran, you may be eligible for a wide variety of benefits available to all U.S. military Veterans. These include disability compensation, pension, education and training, health care, home loans, insurance, vocation rehabilitation and employment, and burial. For complete details, go to


    Independent Living

    What exactly is Independent Living?

  • Independent Living is a choice that lets you continue living life as you choose, but without the worries of home maintenance and upkeep, transportation, planning and preparing meals and other daily concerns. Surrounded by others with similar life experiences, you can access an array of life-enhancing amenities and services that add vitality and quality leisure time to your days.
  • If I’m healthy and active, why move into Independent Living?

  • Actually, that’s the best time to move into a retirement community, when you can fully enjoy all the exceptional perks available to you. Free from daily worries with new peace of mind for the future, you can discover new talents, make new friends, travel easily, pursue new levels of wellness and in general, get more out of each day.
  • How do I know what kind of community is best for me?

  • Before you make a decision about Independent Living in a senior living community, it’s best to visit several options. Talk to the staff. Take a tour and try out the food. Do residents look happy and engaged? Is the atmosphere lively and positive? Make a list before you visit of everything that matters most to you.

  • Assisted Living

    What is Assisted Living?

  • Assisted Living offers individuals assistance with the activities of daily living—such as dressing, bathing, dining, medication management—while still offering every opportunity for maintaining independence. Residents are free to go about their day, knowing a helping hand is available if needed.
  • Who would benefit from Assisted Living?

  • Any person who would appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing assistance is available, whether for daily activities, medication reminders or other daily needs. In addition, if a loved one no longer wishes to live alone, Assisted Living offers security as well as companionship of good neighbors and a helpful staff.
  • What are the advantages of Assisted Living vs. staying at home?

  • Staying at home can mean being alone, which can be difficult when health needs change or an emergency occurs. Often, you are still dealing with home maintenance, daily tasks, difficulty arranging transportation or preparing meals. Living in Assisted Living frees you from those worries, because just about everything you need is available. And in Assisted Living as exceptional as that at Modena Reserve at Kensington, you have access to a wide array of entertainment, social activities, stimulating programs and more.

  • Memory Care

    What is the difference between forgetfulness, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?

  • Normal forgetfulness is part of the aging process and usually begins in middle age. However, there is there is a great difference between occasionally forgetting your keys and dementia. People with dementia cannot retrieve information and in most cases, lose the ability of how to remember. Dementia can be a variety of diagnosis. The most common is Alzheimer’s, a severe, progressive loss of recent memory and thinking ability.
  • When is living at home no longer an option?

  • A few factors to watch for: a senior who suddenly stops doing a longtime hobby or withdraws. Sudden weight loss. Change in grooming habits. A house in disorder. An inability to follow conversations. If you suspect that your loved one’s memory loss is disrupting their daily routine, it could be time to seek medical advice.
  • What role does programming and environment play in Memory Care?

  • A quality Memory Care program provides countless benefits such as safety, nutrition and professional support. Activities and programs provide mental stimulation and interaction, especially when drawn from that individual’s life experiences. Therapeutic tools such as music and art can awaken the senses and provide moments of personal success. In addition, many Memory Care residents benefit from the enriching ambiance of a senior living community that also includes Independent Living and Assisted Living.
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