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Built on good taste.

With three different dining options at Modena Cherry Creek, you’ll always find delicious, nutritious meals that are ready when you are. Plus, we prefer to source local fare, so you always get true flavors of Denver. At Modena Cherry Creek, food and dining are central to a healthy, social lifestyle. Every meal brings us together with old and new friends, and it also provides us with the nutrition needed to fuel an active and engaged life.

Senior Culinary Director and Mentor, Alexis Martinez

Chef Alexis was born and raised in a small town in Arizona. It was in the kitchen of the home that he shared with his mother and three siblings that his love for cooking took shape. When Chef Alexis thinks of home, he remembers it for the smells and sounds of his mother spending all day cooking big meals for their family. When he left home for the “big city” of Tucson, AZ at 18 years old, Chef Alexis found himself bussing tables at a busy, luxury resort. He worked his way up learning each station, every cooking technique, and all of the ins and outs of the culinary world under the mentorship of an incredible French Chef. He is well rounded and humble for the years that he spent perfecting each area before moving to the next. In 2011, Chef Alexis was offered an Executive Chef position in Denver, CO, where he would meet his now wife. Since then, Chef Alexis has held several leadership roles, competed in local cooking competitions, and graced the pages of Foodies West Magazine. A natural conversationalist, Chef Alexis has a knack for making people feel at ease. He has a service heart and finds incredible joy in serving others. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife, three children, and two dogs doing all things Colorado – hiking, camping, skiing, yoga, and exploring the food scene.

Get to Know Chef Alexis

    1. How did you develop a passion for food?
    From my mother. Growing up and watching her cook was so relaxing. The food was so tasty, and she was also working two jobs to support our family. It was amazing.

    2. Who have been your culinary mentors in your career?
    My mentors have been my mom, Master Chef Marc Ehrler and Chef Philippe Trosch.

    3. What’s your approach to cooking?
    My cooking approach is simple but not simplistic. As a chef, I need to think quickly, and I enjoy the challenge of creating a dish out of nothing. My goal is always to allow each dish to speak for itself.

    4. How do you think about nutrition when creating menus and dishes for seniors?
    I’m often focused on immunity boosting superfoods and finding new ways to integrate them into my dishes. I want every bite to be delicious, and I can do that without adding extra bad fats, gluten or sodium. Balance is key for both taste and everyone’s health.

    5. Do you have a favorite meal you like to prepare?
    I love to make street style tacos! I like to use marinated meats and veggies to achieve even more flavor. As simple as they sound, tacos allow me to get really creative.

    6. How do you keep your food exciting?
    Chef Marc Ehrler taught me the concept of kaizen, which is a Japanese term that means “change for the better.” For the dining operations at Modena Cherry Creek, it means constant improvement for our people and processes to elevate the experience for our residents and guests. It also means using the freshest seasonal ingredients to create vibrant, energizing dishes.

    7. Are there any local farms or purveyors you like to work with for fresh ingredients?
    Jumping Goat Farms has delicious cheese. Buena Vista farms is another favorite. Shamrock provides great local items and Fresh Points always provide fresh local ingredients. We love to support our local suppliers to provide a more “farm-to-fork” dining experience.

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