7 Best Arm Workouts to Help You Get Stronger

If you’re a biker, hiker or walker, your lower body gets regular exercise. But everyday life doesn’t give us much chance to exercise our arms and shoulders. And that can impact us in a lot of ways.

“Any time you swing your arms, use them to throw or pull, or just reach for something, it’s your shoulders that decide how effectively your arms are able to rotate,” says Mike Mancias, athletic trainer for the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James. “Training your shoulders helps you move your arms much easier in any direction, giving them more mobility, power and speed.” Stronger arms and shoulders make it easier to lift, press, carry or pull something (groceries, golf bags, grandkids).

Having arms and shoulders that look inspired instead of retired just takes the right mix of moves that approach them from every possible angle. This seven-move series will help you build a stronger upper body at any age — in less time than you’d think.

To learn how to get stronger with arm workouts, from AARP, CLICK HERE.

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