Coronavirus Prevention Measures at Modena Cherry Creek: What We’re Doing, Plus Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe

How we’re adopting the highest standards in resident safety and quality of life during and after the Covid-19 pandemic

As Covid-19 has spread around the world, there has been particular concern for senior living communities like ours here at Modena, because people over the age of 65 are at greater risk when infected by this new strain of coronavirus.

Modena Cherry Creek is already well prepared for times of social distancing, because our assisted living apartments were thoughtfully designed to include spacious living areas, in-room washers and dryers, full kitchens and balconies. The design and full amenities of the apartments empower us to minimize cross contamination while providing every resident with the utmost comfort if quarantine times are prolonged or return.

Nevertheless, we are doing much, much more to protect our residents, their families and our staff here at Modena Cherry Creek. Below, we outline our guidelines, which build upon the latest protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and federal regulatory agencies and global best practices in infection control.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will be updating our protocols and proactively communicating any policy changes directly with residents and their families.

We Have Coronavirus Safety Equipment On Hand and In Use
Each property maintains minimum inventories for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All Modena staff members are required to wear masks when on-site. If a resident is suspected of Covid-19, the staff assigned to the isolation unit will be required to wear N95 masks, isolation gowns, gloves, face shields and shoe covers.

Testing Residents and Staff for Covid-19
Solera Senior Living, the parent company of Modena Cherry Creek, has entered into a strategic relationship with an FDA-approved lab, which ensures that Modena is equipped with a minimum inventory of 25 Covid-19 tests. Both Modena staff and residents will undergo a Covid-19 Respiratory Panel Test prior to admission or re-admission (even if one is asymptomatic), upon identifying relevant symptoms, or prior to being released from isolation. Staff or residents will be permitted to return to normal activities after both a negative test and after one is symptom free for 72 hours.

How We’re Monitoring Modena Staff Members
Modena Cherry Creek is closely monitoring all staff members and third-party workers who work within other communities or organizations. During a quarantine, Modena requires that any third parties assign staff exclusively to Modena Cherry Creek to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Additionally, employees will not be permitted to work at Modena if they are also working (a) at a property that in the past 12-months has had a Covid-19 outbreak or (b) that has had a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case in the past 14 days.

Our Daily Covid-19 Prevention Procedures
Prior to the start of their shift, all staff are required to use touch less facial recognition technology to validate that their temperatures are below 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyone who has a fever will be sent home and tested. Additionally, management staff will routinely screen for any relevant symptoms such as dry cough and fatigue.

Every resident will have their vitals monitored a minimum of twice daily, and the data will be recorded within the Modena electronic health record system (EHR). The recorded vitals will include temperatures as well as oxygen and respiratory levels.

Coronavirus Prevention Protocols for Visitors to Modena Cherry Creek
Anyone who is visiting the community will be subject to a temperature test, as well as other screening protocols, which include checking for relevant symptoms, verifying recent travel and identifying exposure to others with Covid-19.

If the community is subject to a quarantine, loved ones who are unable to temporarily visit will still be able to video chat with Modena residents via FaceTime and Skype.

Sanitation and Social Distancing Measures at Modena
Out of an abundance of caution, all Modena common areas and apartments are undergoing increased sanitation and disinfecting protocols.

Staff and visitors are required to follow proper handwashing procedures at all times. Additionally, Modena Cherry Creek has installed sanitizer bars and infection control communications throughout the community.

Residents and staff will follow social distancing protocols during, but not limited to, dining hours and resident programming.

Health Services and Vendor Management
To limit unnecessary discharges to the hospital, TeleHealth services will be offered on-site for any routine medical or specialists visits.

There is a designated safe area where vendors drop off deliveries. All deliveries, including resident packages, will be stored for 24 hours and sanitized prior to distribution within the community.

Temporary Isolation
Modena Cherry Creek has a designated isolation suite for any residents that are either suspected of Covid-19 or have a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis. This suite is fully isolated from the rest of the building and only designated staff will care for residents who are temporarily living in this neighborhood.

Contact Tracing
All residents and Modena staff members will be equipped with wearable devices. The wearables will enable contact tracing to identify any at risk residents or staff in the instance of a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis within Modena.

Preparation for the Future
If there is another quarantine in the future, Modena Cherry Creek has engagement tools such as voice, video, virtual reality and on-demand programming available for residents so they can stay active while spending extra time in their apartments. For example, residents can take part in connected virtual exercise, meditation and yoga classes to stay fit with their friends in and outside of Modena.

Modena has also invested in a social bot that safely visits from resident to resident as it shares jokes and facilitates video chat with families. The bot also allows care staff and management to safely communicate with residents if one-on-one contact isn’t an option.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions
These are challenging times for families around the world. But at Modena Cherry Creek, we’re combining the best technology, staff protocols and community designs to maximize communication while keeping everyone safe and still living life to the fullest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you have even if you are not ready yet at this time to make a move. We’re here to help, and get through this together.

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